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3 Simple Side-Hustle Ideas For Stay At-Home Mums

February 8, 2020

No one tells you this at first until you’re there yourself. Running a home is a full-time job.and it also requires money to run. There’s always a need for extra income and this is where side-hustles come in. They have been on the rise and they are here to stay. So even if you are on a 9 to 5, a full-time mum, or just you, everyone needs a side hustle.

Extra money is always good – savings, emergencies,  once in a while splurge and an extra birthday present for the kids is always a good idea too.

I put together a list of 3 simple side-hustle ideas to help you get started.

Virtual Assistants

This might actually be one of the faster ways to earn an extra income because you offer what you have (knowledge and skillset). Basically it’s being an assistant to someone regardless of the location. The roles vary s it depends on the client’s brief. this can range from phone calls to booking flights, handling social media, etc.

Now VA’s take on specialized roles as there are Social Media VAs, Bookkeeper VAs, Marketing VAs, Administrative VAs and so much more. The internet has made these opportunities available.


If you need money fast, blogging might not be for you. Blogging takes time and consistency to grow. There are perks in having a well-established blog. Affiliates(making money by recommending people’s products and getting a commission when they buy), sponsored ads, sponsored posts. If you need help getting started, start with what you’re passionate about – fashion, family, lifestyle, foo, babies, interior decor and more. Also, check out blogs who do that and draw inspiration from them. Blogs depend mostly on traffic (the number of people who visit your site).

If you need more inspiration, I suggest you check out Pinterest. There are so many ideas to draw from there.

Making money from a blog can be slow because it depends on your ability to generate traffic. Oh! I also just heard about blog flipping, growing a blog to a point where it has steady traffic and then sell it for a lot of money.


Being a freelancer means you’re self-employed. You’re offering your services to different clients at different times. You take on jobs you can do per-time. So you can be a freelance writer, designer, illustrator, take on work that you were doing before the babies came for a fee.


What other side-hustles can you recommend?



With Love,


Photo by from Pexels

Mama Hacks

CLOTHEs decluttering – Yes or no?

February 8, 2020

My sweet mamas, let me shake this table small😂😂😂.

Do go through your wardrobe right now and be honest with yourself. You probably have an overflow of clothes right now, from the clothe basket to the wardrobe, even the floor is not left out. I wanted to share a picture of mine but it’s a mess. Probably another day!

I immediately folded them before settling down to write this.

So, the number one question is, DO YOU NEED ALL THAT CLOTHES? Be honest in answering this question.

While you are it, move to those pile of clothes and heap them all in one place. Do the following steps:


All the aso-ebi (wedding outfits) that you have bought and sewn should be packed on one side.


Clothes older than a year, including your underwear mamas. Yeah, I see you from here. Especially those panties and bras we are attached to in the name of comfort should be packed on one side.


Clothes that don’t fit anymore.


And finally, clothes that you’ve been wanting to fix for years but haven’t gotten to it.

These are the clothes to be boxed and given away. LET IT GO!

This might be tough but if you don’t, you will keep having clothes fill the house.

Now, look at the clothes you have left. It should give you an idea of the clothes you have.

Time to start putting them up in categories:

Work; Home; Casual; Wedding; whatever you fancy.

And back to the wardrobe. They are the ones staying.


I hope this helps you to declutter your wardrobe?

Do let me know.





With love,