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CLOTHEs decluttering – Yes or no?

February 8, 2020

My sweet mamas, let me shake this table small😂😂😂.

Do go through your wardrobe right now and be honest with yourself. You probably have an overflow of clothes right now, from the clothe basket to the wardrobe, even the floor is not left out. I wanted to share a picture of mine but it’s a mess. Probably another day!

I immediately folded them before settling down to write this.

So, the number one question is, DO YOU NEED ALL THAT CLOTHES? Be honest in answering this question.

While you are it, move to those pile of clothes and heap them all in one place. Do the following steps:


All the aso-ebi (wedding outfits) that you have bought and sewn should be packed on one side.


Clothes older than a year, including your underwear mamas. Yeah, I see you from here. Especially those panties and bras we are attached to in the name of comfort should be packed on one side.


Clothes that don’t fit anymore.


And finally, clothes that you’ve been wanting to fix for years but haven’t gotten to it.

These are the clothes to be boxed and given away. LET IT GO!

This might be tough but if you don’t, you will keep having clothes fill the house.

Now, look at the clothes you have left. It should give you an idea of the clothes you have.

Time to start putting them up in categories:

Work; Home; Casual; Wedding; whatever you fancy.

And back to the wardrobe. They are the ones staying.


I hope this helps you to declutter your wardrobe?

Do let me know.





With love,




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  • Reply Temi February 8, 2020 at 3:42 pm

    Wooow. I read this and I must say, I need decluttering.

    Thank you for the reminder.

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